[How to steam raw chestnuts]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Raw chestnuts cannot be eaten. All chestnuts need to be boiled or steamed before eating. People who have eaten chestnuts know that they must be peeled before eating, but some chestnuts are especially easy to peel off. Some chestnutsThe peel will stick to the fruit and it will be difficult to peel off.

It is due to the inaccurate grasp of the time of chestnut steaming during the process of chestnut steaming.

Let’s see how raw chestnuts are steamed.

Ingredients: 500 grams of chestnuts and osmanthus as a main ingredient.

Rub and wash the chestnut with water 2.

Use a knife to make an opening for each chestnut, about 5 mm deep (note safety, one-handed operation, do not hold the chestnut with one hand, whether the hand is chopped or chestnut chopped can’t be guaranteed) 3.

Put the water in the steamer and boil. Put the chestnuts on the steaming rack, sprinkle a handful of dried osmanthus, and cover the box 4.

Keep it on medium-high heat and steam for about 15 minutes until the chestnuts open. Kitchen common sense1. When buying chestnuts, choose chestnuts with full grains and medium size.

Don’t buy too big, not easy to cook.

I bought a small Chinese chestnut (the stall of sugar fried chestnuts asked the boss to buy raw ones).

2. Use a knife to chop a hole in the chestnuts and chop the chestnut skin through to make the chestnuts easier to ripen. The steaming time will change. If you don’t chop the chests, the steaming time will be extended.

3. When opening each chestnut, it is not cut. The raw chestnut skin is very hard and cannot be cut at all. It can be chopped one by one with a knife. It is quite hot. When cutting, pay attention to personnel clearing the field to prevent accidents.

If it doesn’t work, you can consider cutting your mouth with scissors. The effect is the same.

4. There are differences in the size of chestnuts. When the steaming is about the same, you can take a chestnut and taste it (at this time, the chestnuts are very hot, do not burn your mouth), if it is not ripe, extend the steamedtime.

Chestnuts must be fully steamed to be delicious.

5. Steam the chestnuts in a deeper pot, causing the water in the pot to boil over the chestnuts when the water level rises.