[Often take emergency contraceptives]_ emergency contraceptives _ how to eat _ precautions _ what to pay attention to

Now some young people, relying on their youth, are physically stronger and care about everything.

When in the same room, women are reluctant to put a contraceptive ring in the womb, and men are also reluctant to bring a condom, so they take emergency contraceptives for contraception.

Before the same room, I had taken several emergency contraceptives, and it was convenient to have a long stomach.

In fact, the emergency contraceptive pill cannot be taken often, and it will be a great substitute for the human body.

Side effects of birth control pills may cause internal secretion disorders, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, or gastrointestinal upset, headache, weight gain, nervousness, low mood, skin stains and acne.

Contraceptives cannot be used more than three times a year, and only once a month.

Any emergency contraceptive pill contains a large amount of hormones and is a measure that must be taken in the event of failure of conventional contraception.

It is easy to cause internal secretion disorders, which may disturb the menstrual cycle and even amenorrhea.

It is recommended not to take more than three times a year.

And after taking the emergency contraceptive pill, you can prepare for pregnancy six months later.

The level of estrogen contained in emergency contraceptives is high, and the amount of one emergency contraceptive is equivalent to 8 days of conventional short-acting oral contraceptives. If the dose is too large, it will cause gastrointestinal upset, menstrual cycle disorders, ovarian suppression, etc.It disrupts normal menstruation and causes endocrine disruption.

If taken for a long time, severe cases will cause closed menstruation, which will affect ovulation and affect pregnancy.

Usually eat up to 3 capsules a year.

Safe and effective measures, such as condoms and loops, can be used for contraception.

Taking emergency contraceptives is best only once a month, and not more than 3-4 times a year, and its indications should be strictly observed.

Be sure to take regular contraceptives for your next disposable.

When contraceptive measures such as condom rupture fail, taking an emergency contraceptive within 72 hours of the same room can achieve a consensus effect.

However, this medicine occasionally has little to do with it. If you take it regularly, it may cause irregular menstruation and severely may cause infertility, so you must not take emergency contraceptives often to prevent contraception.